100 Years Of Films

On 30th April, 1912, Universal Film Manufacturing Company was founded. Eight days later, on 8th May, 1912, Famous Players Studios went into business. Both are turning 100 years old this spring, and have, over the last century, given us some of the greatest movies ever made.

See both of the new company logos after the "White Men Can't" jump.

I've always been a bigger fan of Universal's movies in general, and in a contest between these two new logos, Universal definitely wins again.

As an aside, one of the small joys of being a cinephile is seeing how inventive a production can get with incorporating the production company's logo into the start of the film. Personal favourites involving these two include Raiders of the Lost Ark for Paramount, and Serenity for Universal. How about you? Leave your favourites in the comments.
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