Adam Savage Makes A Reasonable Argument For Science

This is the speech given by Mythbuster Adam Savage (he's not a scientist, but plays one on TV) at the Reason Rally held in Washington DC this past weekend. The event was a gathering of secular individuals, promoting science and, well, reason. Savage does a good job not name checking any specific deities or religions in his speech, and because of that, what it is more than anything else, is a rallying cry for science. This should be the PR campaign for science; he even quotes Neil deGrasse Tyson in the middley bit.

It's hard to watch the social campaign in the US. Most places in the reasoned world, if there is a topic of discussion, the topic actually gets discussed. There is debate, between people who actually know what they are talking about. In the US, everyone picks a side, and sees who can yell loudest. These rallies are a prime example. Everyone get together, a couple superstars of the movement give speeches (often inflammatory), and whichever side isn't paying for the space gets to stand across the street with hastily made signs and all the cuss words they can muster.

Douglas Adams famously called himself a "radical atheist", to make certain people knew he wasn't on the fence about it. These days, both sides of the religious coin can be accused of militancy. Richard Dawkins, one of the so called Horseman of the secular movement, at this very rally, advocated bullying the religious. Was he serious, or satirically drawing attention to behaviours that are already travelling in the opposite direction? It won't matter, because it's just shouty noise, designed to get the other side all riled up, so they can make shouty noises back at them.

Savage's speech is less aggressive. It promotes non-confrontism, turning the other cheek, despite being shouted at the crowd. That there are no opinions when it comes to science, there is only what is, and what isn't. That the world can be tested, and that results can be repeated, or can be busted. The scientific method is beautiful in its simplicity, and though it, we can enjoy the wonders of the universe.

And he wears a damned fine hat.
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