Anything You Can Do, The British Clearly Do Better

The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes. I'd watch that.

And thanks to Steven Moffat, we kind of can. In one hand, he's in control of one of the most popular, longest running science fiction characters birthed in the 20th century. In the other, he has modernized and revitalized interest in one (if not the) most adapted fictional characters ever created. And thanks to YouTuber Liiskee, we can see what it would be like if Moffat's versions of these two iconic characters would be like: endless bickering.

If nothing else, this proves the need to see Benedict Cumberpatch and Matt Smith on screen together and soon. While Matt Smith usually assumes a heroic, or sympathetic character, and Cumberpatch has carved out a niche of playing hardened, antagonistic characters, I'd like to see them play the opposite role. I bet Smith could play a cracking villain, and Cumberpatch a great Mal-from-Firefly style, conflicted hero.
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