Beetlejuice 2 Not A Reboot, Still A Terrible, Terrible Idea

Beetlejuice easily places in my top ten films. I think it's probably the best expression of Tim Burton's vision and humour, and Michael Keaton's best role, all 17 minutes of it. I watch it every year at Halloween, on TV, with commercials, despite owning it on DVD, because that's how I've always watched it, like Christmas Vacation.

Seth Grahame-Smith, author of the highly over rated Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and writer of Tim Burton's upcoming Dark Shadows, has made some comments about his involvement with the Beetlejuice 2 script.
“This will be a true 26 or 27 years later sequel. What’s great is that for Beetlejuice, time means nothing in the afterlife, but the world outside is a different story.”
Which clarifies an idea that this would be a reboot instead of a proper sequel. Which, I have to ask, why would you put a '2' on a reboot other than to needlessly confuse people?

He went on to say he would rather die than tarnish the legacy of the original. Which is good, despite being a bit hyperbolic. Except that this is a terrible idea to begin with. The focus of the first film was the Maitlands, played by Gena Davis and Adam Baldwin. There would be nothing I'd love more than to see Adam Baldwin reprise his role, especially since he is currently basking in his Jack Donaghy-comedy brilliance, but how would they explain how the ghost got that fat and old?

The thing you want to avoid is making Beetlejuice the focus. The original worked because Keaton was only onscreen for 17 minutes. He isn't a protagonist. he isn't really an antagonist. He's the Macguffin, the thing to keep the plot moving. Have him terrorize a new dead couple would be fine, but it's really just treading over old water, and therefore, what's the point. Sure, they'd be new, modern ghosts, all hip with the computers and such, which could provide for some interesting set pieces, but what I desperately don't want to see is Beetlejuice trying to use an iPad, with "hilarious results."

I've heard some say the Dark Shadows trailer had hints of Beetlejuice-esque humour, and if that's true, then hurrah, I'll probably enjoy it. Myself, I saw more shades of Mars Attacks, and you're mileage may vary on that, mine certainly did. The smarter money, though, is that Beetlejuice 2 will never happen. It certainly sounds better than the Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian Kevin Smith was offered back in the nineties, but I just don't see this ever becoming anything other than Michael Keaton's desperate attempt to reclaim former glory. When this falls through, look for him trying to push a post-Nolan Dark Night Returns.

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