Bowser Was A Rapist, Peach Was Into Bestiality, And Mario Was A Terrorist

Cracked has had a rough go of it. Starting off as a humour magazine trying, grasping, hoping to be half as funny as Mad. That went bust. Then they turned to the internet, and quickly carved a niche as being able to produce more daily lists then anyone else about random shit, with lots of jokes about male reproductive organs and the glory that is Teddy Roosevelt.

In the last couple years, as they've turned the article research over to readers and the writing over to up-and-comers, the columnists' have ventured into comedy videos. And while the quality pales in comparison to College Humor or Funny or Die, they do have a few gems.

After Hours is my favourite, and has returned for a second season. I like this show because it doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't. No bad acting, no contrived scenarios. Just a bunch of friends arguing endlessly about menial shit, about which they are endless informed, because in the real world, people have encyclopedic knowledge of every Mario game ever made, but lack the social skills to escape a small, tight knit group of friends. But there is always that one guy who is too geeky for even this group, and is appropriated shunned because of it.

I highly recommend checking out Season One over at
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