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Star Trek used to be a huge part of my life. I've seen every episode of every series, and each of the movies multiple times. I can recite crew ranks and ship designations from memory, and given a few minutes, could probably give you a run down of any episode you asked about. But not anymore. Why? Because, looking back on episodes that I enjoyed when I was younger, it's just no that good.

Don't hit me, it's just how I feel. Certainly, there were episodes from each series that stand up as great television. I own several of those themed DVD packs (Time Travel and Q are the best), but no complete seasons. I own some of the movies, but not all. Reason being, not every episode was a gem, and more often then not, I cannot force myself to sit through an entire episode. Why? Well, They haven't held up well.

TOS has a nostalgic, Batman '66 vibe to it that keeps it going, and hell, it was the original. TNG suffers from clunky dialogue and being a product of the late eighties. DS9, while firing on all cylinders during the Dominion War story line, was wildly uneven, and relied too often on gimmicky plots to fill in seasons. And Voyager (which I watched only because of a combination of demented moral obligation and obsessive compulsive completeness) and Enterprise have some of the worst acting ever put on screen.

The movies fair better, and are how I prefer to revisit the Trek universe. Kahn, Spock and Voyage make one of the better eighties trilogies, Country and Contact are wonderfully stand alone (though Contact really does need to be watched after Best of Both Worlds, which deservadly is one of the ten best season finales ever). And Abrahms' Star Trek was beautiful.

Which brings us to the video above, a trailer for William Shatner's documentary where he goes around and interviews each of the Captains from each series, and Chris Pine. The Suntimes has a brief review of the film, available in the States on demand, and soon on DVD and HBO. I will say, I am a fan of the Captains (even Kate Mulgrew, who I loathed as Janeway, but is decent enough in everything else she does, including a multiple episode arc on Warehouse 13 this past summer), even if I wasn't of their series. The rest of the casts have had their careers ruined by typecasting, or general lack of talent, but the captians were often chosen from better stock, and made the best with what they were given. Scott Bakula will always be Dr. Sam Beckett in my mind though, never Archer.

Shatner, for all the flack he gets for being a ham, or even a hack, is one of my favourite actors. Boston Legal was Shatner at his best, and he, like Peter Sellers, understands his public persona and plays it like a character. His recent interview on the Colbert Report (hocking his one man play on Broadway) was a meeting of two men not being themselves.

Via the Suntimes.
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