CBS Interviews SpaceX CEO, Searches For Possible Nazi Moon Base

That's ridiculous. Nazi's don't have a moon base, that's Newt Gingrich's thing.

I'm a big fan of SpaceX, if only because there's a better chance of them, or one of the other private space firms, getting people into space before NASA does. And work in NASA's favour too, since they'll be able to rely on SpaceX vehicles to get into space, and spend (what little) money they have on the research and development of satellites, probes, experiments and all the sciencey stuff that actually produces results. Getting into space is a small part of the whole, but absorbs the majority of the time, effort and cost.

So long as we don't let any of these companies name themselves Weyland, we should be fine. Unlike those idiots who named their cybernetics research group Skynet. They're just asking for trouble.

Via the Bad Astronomer.
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