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Picture from Nobu Tamura, from Palaeocritti

The remains of a velociraptor, and that's a real velociraptor here folks, not one of those fancy movie dinosaurs, has been discovered with the bone of a pterosaur within itself, approximately where the stomach would have been. Researchers studying the remains suggest this is evidence that the infamous predatory animal also scavenged carcasses. Their assumption is that a single velociraptor would not have taken on an animal with a 2 metre wingspan, while my assumption is, should a hole to the past open up and these buggers start spilling through, we'd be all be dead inside a week. They can open doors, people! No where is safe!

Sorry about that, got carried away slightly. the find confirms a theory that the raptors were able to eat large bones, much like the modern crocodile. Though, they do suggest that the raptor dies shortly after eating the bone, and would not speculate if it was an injury, or the bone itself that did the killing. I, on the other hand, and free to speculate that it choked to death on it's own glutinous greed. That is the way we will save ourselves - feed them until they explode!


Via PhysOrg.
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