Colbert and deGrasse Tyson: Great Interview, or Greatest Interview

Stephen Colbert may well be the greatest satirical character of his generation. Neil deGrasse Tyson may well be the Carl Sagan of his generation. Both are certainly at the apex of their ability. It only makes sense that they use one another, like a rotating remora-shark combo, to get their respective messages out to the masses (Tyson's message being 'space is cool', Colbert's being... fear bears?). Tyson holds the record for most appearances on the Colbert Report, and it's clear why. Both men obviously love the company of the other. And to prove they aren't faking it, we bring you a Q&A done at Montclair Kimberley Academy in 2010. Hosted by Colbert (in a rare, out of character appearance), and dominated by Tyson. It's the length of your average Disney film, but the video flies by as these two revel in their adoration for the topic.

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