Coming Attractions - The Muppets, Cabin In The Woods, SimCity

My areas of expertise generally centre around Greek mythology, astronomy, dinosaurs, and The Muppets. You may be thinking to yourself, "where did that Malteser come from", and I would hope, from the packet. You may also be thinking, "those things have nothing in common, why would you waste your life like that?" I would respond, "well at least I'm not magicking up chocolaty treats from god knows where, and let's not forget who spent three years in a philosophy degree before dropping out and getting a job at B&Q because your mother was too embarrassed when her bridge friends asked her what her son was doing these days, Stanley, so just shut up."

Umm. the Muppets, right. The advertising geniuses behind last fall's push to get seats in the seats have struck once again as the DVD release approaches. Taking their cues from the successes of their Green Lantern and Twilight parodies, this time they've set their sights on the Hunger Games.

This video appears on the heels of the announcement that the Muppets will be returning to screens sooner rather than later, though sans Jason Segel, which I'm not too broken up about. The humans aren't important; they come and go. Let's remember that the focus is in the title.

To see the newest trailer for Joss Whedon's other summer movie, and the newest version of every computer gamers favourite city, hit the jump.

Joss Whedon's horror movie Cabin in the Wood gets closer and closer to actually being released, something that many thought would never happen. The newest trailer has arrived, and doesn't really give us anything different from what the first trailer did, except make obvious what was implied before. It doesn't spoil anything, it just... seems unnecessary.

Which I think is one of the problems with internet marketing in the modern age. Was a time, a film might get a teaser trailer, some months before a release. Then, in the run up, a final preview which highlighted the basic plot, showcased the characters, and got the viewer interested in seeing the picture. Now, in the age of everything trying to go viral, every week there are 'new' trailers, which are either an endless cycle of recutting the same material, or they give away too much. Or, if the company isn't certain how to market the film, or who to market it to, or why they're getting paid outrageous sums of money to market something, anything, to anyone, whole excerpts from films find their way online (Disney apparently loves this, with chunks of John Carter and Brave being released recently).

Anyway, watch this preview for Cabin in the Woods. Or don't.

Maxis is releasing a new version of SimCity, which is something they haven't done since way back in 2007. Or 2003. Or 1999. Or 1993. The video is clearly designed to hit the nostalgia centres of the brain, with power outages, natural disasters, and mob violence, but now it looks new and shiny. It will also apparently feature online play, which had better mean I can wage war on another city, or that interests me in no way.

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