"Community" Creator Dan Harmon Talks About... Damned Near Everything

Community is probably the most culturally aware show that has ever aired. One of the reasons it's struggled to find a broad audience is that, to truly enjoy it, you need to have a certain amount of background knowledge of movies and TV. The show relishes in obscure references (a My Dinner With Andre episode? Really?) and a razor sharp satirical wit that is equalled only by early seasons of The Simpsons.

Dan Harmon, the creative force behind the show, is part of the reason for any success the show has had. Now that it's back (Thursdays at 8 on NBC), and the question of renewal rears it's ugly head, Dan takes ten minutes to answer for frank questions about the past, present and future of the show.

I like that he singles out Peep Show, the fantastic Channel 4 programme starring Mitchell and Webb. It does have more of an emotional core than Spaced, a show that, despite my love of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's work since, I'm not actually that big a fan of. Mitchell and Webb are certainly heirs to a greater legacy, that of great comedic teams, their generations Fry and Laurie. I, like Harmon, highly suggest you go out and find Peep Show. Do it. Do it now.

It's streets ahead.

Via Collider.
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