Community Returns, Now With 100% More Hodgeman

For those of you who don't watch Community, you do not know joy. For those of you who do not like Community, you may leave. Go on, the rest of us will wait.

Premiering on The Soup, the above video is an epic (and I use that word lightly) two minute long trailer for the return of Community this Thursday at 8pm on NBC. John Goodman returns as the malicious Dean of Air Conditioning Repairs, evil universe Abed looks set to make a reappearance, and most excitingly, John Hodgeman, Daily Show Resident Expert, previous literary agent and current Deranged Millionaire, can be glimpsed very briefly towards the end. I have no problems with this. Hodgeman's own brand of insanity will fit in nicely at Greendale.

As the trailer suggests, things will Chang. Hopefully, that will translate into a 4th season pickup. If not, I say we burn NBC down.
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