CSI: Seasme Street? Or, Law & Order: MUP

The Happytime Murders is moving forward.

The deranged concept for a film is a combination of Roger Rabbit, The Muppets and that episode of Angel where the puppet show was sucking the souls of a children. Brian Henson, who directed the first two Muppets films made after his father's death, and was heavily involved in the creation and production of the series Farscape, will direct the film about a world where puppets and humans live together. A series of murders result in a Bogart-style PI hunting for the killer. This sounds fantastic, from beginning to end. Except for one thing.

Katherine Heigl is set to star. And she is terrible.

Seriously, unless she's playing the corpse, she could single-handedly bring this film down. Hopefully, she'll complain about the puppets getting too much attention, or being inappropriate towards her, and they'll fire her and bring on somebody worthy of starring in a Henson production.

Let's hope this is the first of many Henson movies to make their way to theatres in the coming couple years (I'm looking at you Fraggle Rock and Dark Crystal sequel).

Via the Hollywood Reporter

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