Doctor Neil deGrasse Tyson Longs For The "Immensity Of The Sea"

Tyson often drags out the fact that the NASA budget accounts for half a penny from every tax dollar in America. Doubling that amount would nearly fully fund most NASA programs, including Mars missions and new low Earth orbit vehicles. And yet, despite the fact that it is only half a penny, NASA is one the first agencies to get gutted whenever Congress needs to cut spending, despite the fact that NASA is one of the smallest government budgets out there.

He's often seen on PBS, or the Daily Show, or Colbert Report, or pundit programs, speaking with great emotional depth, trying to ignite the fires of imagination in the public, pushing away like Sisyphus against American apathy and political ignorance. Last week he had his chance to take his message directly to the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

In 8 minutes, he extols the virtues of expanding the US role in space exploration, while warning against making the same mistakes of yesteryear. His speech is toned down, compared to his usual rhetoric, but still powerful. Sadly, as much I would like to believe that politics can be shaped by passion, I know that his words will fall not on deaf, but ineffectual ears.

The Universe doesn't cost that much money, but failing to act might cost us our souls.
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