The Doctor's New Assisstant Announced, Schedule Revealed, Stephen Moffat A Liar

If I have one complaint about Doctor Who since it's return, it's that, despite all the geekgasmic love over David Tennant, the Russell T. Davies era was pretty much crap. Some great stand alone episodes, but some horribly unbearable ones as well.

If I have two complaints about Doctor Who since it's return, it's the companions. Or rather companion, because there has been only one, really. Rose, a woman from modern day London(!). She actually made sense, since many viewers didn't know the Doctor or the TARDIS, and needed a reasonably familiar surrogate to take them on the journey.

Then came Martha, a woman from modern day London(!), but she's smart. She's almost a doctor. get it? A doctor with the Doctor? Except that only lasted half a series, then she was just Rose, but even more annoying (I know, get off, OK?). Then came Donna, a woman from modern day London(!) who isn't Rose, but is exponentially more annoying.

Enter Stephen Moffat, who said he was going to shake things up, because London isn't the entire universe. So he introduced Amy, a woman from modern day slightly to the left of London(!). But she's got a boyfriend see, and he's a bit of a putz. And River, a woman from somewheresomething timey-whimey.

Enter again Stephen Moffat, who allowed Amy and Rory to exit gracfully and happily in the last series. Only to bring them back. And left them again. Only to bring them back. But he promised, in the next series, they will leave, finally, and in his words the Doctor would "meet someone new in the last place he'd expect."

I was excited. Because, time was, there were multiple companions. Some were women. Some were men (as a friend of mine once said, "the TARDIS needs boys"). Some were aliens. Some were from the past. Some were aliens from the past. One was a robot dog! This is Stephen Moffat, the sky is the flipping limit. It could be anything. We could get a sarcastic tree person, or a pair of wise cracking boots, or that lesbian Silurian from the last series that really does need her own series, or at least a one off special. This is going to be awesome.

Or, it'll be a woman. The woman up top, specifically. Jenna-Louise Coleman, who worked on the soap Emmerdale, but also appeared in Captain America (though I just watched it two nights ago and can't recall seeing her. She played 'Connie' apparently, if that means anything to anyone). We know nothing about the sort of character she'll be playing, only that Moffat has said "It’s not often the Doctor meets someone who can talk even faster than he does, but it’s about to happen." So, she could still be really interesting, and not from, you know, Guildford.

But wait, there is more. Moffat has confirmed that this series will carry over into next year, with Ms Coleman making her appearance in the Christmas Special. Amy and Rory will depart in episode 5, during an encounter with the Weeping Angels, which Moffat confirms will kill someone this time. Whether it will be a terrible head snapping kind of death, or a live-yourself-to-death sort, is yet to known, though the smart money is on Rory, in the past, with unending dedication to Amy.

The second half of the series will conclude in 2013, the 50th anniversary of the series. So presumably, we'll be getting a series and a half next year, plus whatever else they've got cooking for the 50th.

Which will include Daleks, despite Moffat saying he was done with them. Because he's a liar.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch definitely, certainly, 100% honestly won't be appearing in Doctor Who. Unless he does.

Via the BBC, which has an interview with Ms Coleman, and Den of Geek, which has everything else.
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