Even This Would Have Been Better Than The New 52

Full disclosure, I've always been a bigger DC fan than a Marvel. I tend to talk more about the Marvel movies because, Batman aside, DC's movies have all been ass. Just absolute bottom gravy of the worse variety. Marvel has been able to out produce DC, and in recent years, the quality has been, well, marvellous.

But the heroes of the DC universe are so much more appealing. I love Iron Man, and dig me some X-Men, but Batman, Green Arrow, Deadman, even Plastic Man always take the cake (especially Lex Luthor. He loves cakes). That's why DC continues to puzzle me. they have the better line up of heroes, they have a more diverse group of villains. With all these properties, why are they wasting time on Green Arrow TV series for the CW, which best case will be Smallville, with the potential for actual superheroism? Why they can't seem to make a Superman movie without is being a remake of the Superman movie from the seventies? Why can't they decide if Wonder Woman should wear pants? Why do they all, in general, seem to be afraid of women-folk? The disorder extends to their comics, which, like all things, eb and flow in terms of quality, but I have found, with a single exception, the New 52 to be terrible, and not worthy of my time or money (the exception is Demon Knights. Vandal Savage eating a dinosaur practically made my year. All Star Western had potential, but lost me along the way).

And yet, and yet, this is the company that has given us the Animated universe, The Brave and the Bold, the Lego Batman games, the direct to video animated films, and the Dark Knight trilogy. Marvel can't seem to get their shit together for anything else, but they've managed to make The Avengers. Where is the Justice League movie? Would we even want one if DC offered it to us. I'd rather they spent the money on bringing back the series, but anywhoo...

In short, up top is a pretty kick ass picture, all obviously custom made, since the real Lego series only extends as far as Sups and WW. My favourite is The Question, in the top left. Lego, hear me. I will pay you many of my very best monies for an actual Lego figure of Vic Sage.

My challenge to you, internet, is make the villain equivalent. I want to see Bat Mite, Deathstroke, and King Shark. Get on this!

Via Geeks Are Sexy.
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