HBO Goes Too Far

HBO has released six new clips from the first episode of Game of Thrones season 2, which if you've been under a rock for the past two months or so, starts this Sunday. These are actual clips, whole segments, taken from the episode, not just the same scenes cut and re-cut into an endless parade of trailers, each with a different theme, despite the fact they all include the same dialogue and sequences, but in amazing new orders. The longest is just over two minutes long, the shortest less than 30 seconds. All together, they are equal to HBO putting out just under a fifth (assuming the premier to be fifty minutes long) of the episode. A full fifth, with no context.

I haven't watched them. Just like my aversion to spoilers, I want to enjoy the episode for the benefits of the narrative, instead of unconsciously wondering where each clip is going to pop up.

Oh yes, and apparently the actor who plays Robb Stark is dating the girl who has been hired to play the new assistant on Doctor Who. I have no opinion on this, unless it results in the greatest cross over ever. Get on this, internet. Winter is coming, silence will fall.

If you want to watch the rest of the provided clips, hit the jump.

Starting next week, I'll be doing reviews of each episode, posted on Tuesdays (most likely). So, there's that.
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