If You're Not In Space, You've Let The Rest Of Us Down

This is an actual video made by actual NASA, starring the actual voice actor Peter Cullen. In a little under three minutes, it covers the entire history of human exploration, making the viewer swell with pride, and immediately deflate with guilt. Having watched this several times now, I feel like I am personally responsible for us not living in a strange Jetsons/Star Trek hybrid, with space elevators to the moon and Dyson spheres around every asteroid. Few things have said so clearly 'we are awesome' and 'we suck' at the same time.

Seriously for a moment, though. This video is pretty damned good. While the castle in the sky line is a bit hyperbolic, the tinge of shame under the heavy varnish of idealism is what people like Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and every other astronomer, astronaut and space monkey have spent their careers doing: reminding us that we don't need a excuse to go off and explore. It shouldn't be about politics, or economics, or playground-style one-up-manship. It will be about all those things, but it shouldn't. It should be because it is there, and we aren't. And until we are, we suck.
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