If You're Not Careful, A Spoiler Will Kill You And Everyone You Love

I hate spoilers. They ruin lives. They take wonder and joy and crush it like it's a kitten on Arbour Day. So I am all in favour of creating a list of rules concerning spoilers, even if the guy from True Blood looks like he just woke up from a good nap to film this video, with all the enthusiasm of someone who would rather be eating a hot pocket than reading a teleprompter and not getting that he's meant to be making the funny.

This video is personal for me, as it features Julie Benz, and I had the season 4 finale of Dexter spoiled for me by a national newspaper. "Was that the one where she..." Was assimilated by the Borg, and then Dexter has to decide where or not to shoot her, all the while struggling with the notion that his friend and companion may have been turned into a monster? Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Thats it exactly.
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