In The Game of Thrones, You Win, Or You Act Adorable

Aside from a massive solar storm that could have cooked all our chromosomes (it couldn't), allowing us to slowly develop amazing super human abilities (we wouldn't), which some of us would choose to use by becoming champions of righteousness and decency (not many, I'll bet), while others would have used these terrible new abilities for personal gain (you betcha), ultimately leading to an epic confrontation in which the fate of the world would hang in the balance (it'll be fine), today appears to be a slow news day.

To combat this, we have bit of the Game of Thrones blu-ray commentary, in which Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, and Isaac Hempstead Wright, AKA the three youngest Stark children airquote singing along to the opening credits of the HBO series. I post this, not because it is adorable, not because it is hilarious, not because I can find hump-all else to post today. No, I post this because it is humanizing. Because I have done this too.

Except when I do it, it is 73% less cute.

Via The Mary Sue.
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