Joss Whedon Calls Iron Man's Triangle "Ass", Remains King Of Geeks

Joss Whedon loves symbols. Be they slices of processed cheese, or small, brain damaged girls, his work has shown his reverence for how powerful something simple can be when imbued with deeper meaning. So, it's of little surprise that, when directed by Marvel to have Iron Man upgrade his suit yet again in his upcoming Avengers film, that the chest plate would revert to the circle. Because, in his words, the triangle is "ass". Which it was.

Honestly, of all the things that didn't work in Iron Man 2, that was the most perplexing. Lets take something that has been iconic for forty some odd years, and make it angular, for the sake of trying to look cool. It didn't even make sense in context; his glowy chest magnet battery thing didn't become triangular after he invented a new element (that the was the moment the disbelief came crashing to the ground, for me. I'm good with extra dimensional aliens posing as gods, but Tony inventing a new element in his basement was too much for this writer). And everyone knows that circles are better than triangles. Triangles have corners, which can be dangerous to children, and can put eyes out if not handled safely.

Besides, circles have pi.

The King of Geeks needs no crown. He has a ginger beard.
Courtesy of Marvel.

Via First Showing.
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