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"I’m never interested in movies where you don’t care about the people you’re watching, and that’s my biggest quibble about horror, that kids have gotten stupider and stupider. And people say, “Oh, it’s horrible! They are all tortured for 90 minutes, but it’s okay because they’re not very likable”. And it’s like, what part of that sentence was supposed to sell me?"
Joss Whedon's got a hell of a year ahead of him. Cabin in the Woods, which he co-wrote and produced, is finally getting released after three+ years, starring (then unknown actor) Chris Hemsworth, who is co-starring in Whedon's second directorial effort, The Avengers, which Whedon also wrote. Later in the year comes his bare-bones Much Ado adaptation starring a host of Whedon regulars, including Amy Acker and Nathan Fillion, who may get a chance to bring back the Hammer of justice if the Dr. Horrible sequel gets the green light, as has been teased recently.

Den of Geek sat down with Whedon while he was doing double duty promoting Cabin and Avengers in the UK, where they both come out in April. The interview reaffirms the statements that Whedon made a couple weeks ago, that Marvel let Joss make the movie he wanted, and didn't pressure him as much as certain studios make have in the past. He elaborates, saying:

"Everything I’ve done, everything has been delayed, had the release date pushed, my shows have been pushed to mid-season, or shut down briefly... So, it’s so much a part of the process. The only thing that went exactly the way it was supposed to was Dr Horrible, and that was because the studio was me. And I like the Me Studio, because apparently I don’t have to wait for the right weekend."
A cynic might think that all this is an elaborate ground work being laid in case the movie bombs, or sucks, and Whedon can take the blame and Marvel can move on, except for three things. One, Joss isn't the sort of guy to tow the company line like that. Despite comments in the past that he only ever wanted to be a company man, he loves to speak his mind, so we can assume that him saying that the Avengers is his movie isn't code for "it was Marvel's movie from beginning to end." Two, they've already been here, with Iron Man 2. Marvel caught flack from Jon Faveau, from Downey Jr., and from fans, for forcing the S.H.I.E.L.D subplot into the middle of that movie, to needlessly tease the Avengers. Marvel, this is a movie that self teases. You're good. And they are, having moved on and knocked two out of the park with Thor and Captain America. Three, I can never think of a third thing, I should really stop saying "three things."
I highly recommend checking the interview out at Den of Geek.
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