Kids Want To Use Their Phones During Movies, Are Dumbasses

The Hollywood Reporter recently hired a firm to survey users of social media, to find out exactly how they  are interacting with conventional media. The results, you will agree, are ridiculous, and a clear sign that as a society, we have failed. Horribly.

75% of total people surveyed agreed that using a phone in a theatre is rude and distracting, which it is. It also defeats the purpose of going to the theatre to see a movie: to immerse yourself in the experience, and the narrative. To put away reality for a couple hours and be swallowed up by the fantasy.

Over 50% of people aged 18-34 prefer to use their phones, and would actively seek a theatre out that allowed them to do as much during the film. Said Jon Penn, one of the pollsters:
“Millennials want their public movie going experience to replicate their own private media experiences.Having dedicated social-media-friendly seats, or even entire theatres, can make the movie going experience more relevant and enjoyable for them.”
To read my reasonable, educated, scientifically unbiased response to these plugged-in youths, hit the jump.

Via /Film.
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