Maria Hill Gets Some PR Love... Finally

It's safe to say that, aside from The Dark Knight Rises, few of this summers films are as anticipated as The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble, as it's being called in England, to avoid confusion with a decades old television series and it's terrible film adaptation. Though, if you're more familiar with the Sean Connery film than Iron Man and his ilk, how does adding 'Assemble' to the title not make it seem like it's a sequel to that utterly indefensible film?). So far, in the increasingly fantastic trailers, every character has had a moment to shine. Except for two. Hawkeye and Maria Hill have, thus far, gotten the shaft by the Disney/Marvel PR campaign. Hawkeye, as played by Jeremy Renner, at least appears in the trailers, though remains silent, unlike everyone else, including the Hulk. But poor Cobie Smulders has been glossed over entirely, especially odd considering how much Joss Whedon loves him some ass-kicking females. But, as the picture above shows, as the May release gets closer, that may change. Marvel has released it, and another picture, of Agent Hill looking all business.

Those S.H.I.E.L.D outfits are going to be what all the kids are wearing this Halloween.

Above picture via Marvel, where you can see the other.
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