Matt Groening Likes Working On Futurama, Doesn't Admit Simpsons Has Sucked For 15 Years

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The Metro has a short interview with Matt Groening about his future intentions with The Simpsons and Futurama. It's not the most revealing interview in the world, and at no point does it specifiy that he began to weep, but what is most hartning for fans of Futurama were two comments. The first, when asked if the two would ever cross over, he responds "Futurama is real and The Simpsons is just a cartoon." That may speak to his current mental state. I always enjoyed the fact that each show has been established as a TV show within the universe of the other (Bart Simpson dolls in a space trash heep on Futurama, Milhouse being a fan of the sci-fi show on The Simpsons).

The whole article has a very down vibe when it comes to The Simpsons, which isn't surprising considering all the problems the show has had with FOX, pretty much guarenteeing it will be coming to an end within the the next year or so (a decade too late in my opinion). References to Futurama are much more upbeat, including the reveleation that "... I could easily fill up my entire life just working on Futurama."

I don't expect, or even want, another twenty years of Futurama. However, it has proven popular enough to come back from the dead multiple times, and is as smrt (if not smarter) than when it started. The Simpsons lost it's focus around season 9, when writer changes moved the stories away from the core family, into a combination of loud talking, sensless plots and an endless parade of guest stars who contributed nothing with their appearances except PR for FOX. So long as David X. Cohen keeps Futurama cemented in the same foundations in which it was built, it stansa to have more staying power than the residents of Springfield.

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