The Muppet Walk Of Fame

Time was, the Hollywood Walk of Fame acknowledged actual accomplishment.

Not really, as any inductee has to pay around 30 grand to actually get a star. And this fee is usually paid by whatever company the 'star' is currently doing promotions for. Usually, it’s people that don’t deserve to have a sandwich named after them. Buying achievement is not an achievement, it is shameless self promotion.

That being said, everyone once and a while someone gets a star to honestly deserves it. Mel Brooks got one in 2010. So did Ray Bradbury, in 2002. And today, The Muppets do as well. I'm not naive, them getting a star on the day their DVD is released is obviously a publicity stunt bought and paid by Disney, but it doesn't make it any less nice.

Kermit already has one, received in 2002. So does Jim Henson, in 1991. But now the whole gang gets a star, making them the first non-humans to get a collective star.

Jim would be proud, I think.

Via CBS.
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