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In 2010, Percy Jackson and the Olympians was released, as an attempt to plunder another successful children's book series, to serve as a replacement for the waining Harry Potter series. Which made sense, since Percy Jackson is basically Harry Potter, but with Greek Gods rather than witches. The film was met with a resounding 'meh'.

And yet, Hollywood never gave up on an opportunity to make money, and are pushing ahead with a sequel no one asked for. And I am officially looking forward to it, with the announcement that Nathan "Mal Reynolds" Fillion will play Hermes, Messenger of the Gods.

I'm going to use my incredible powers of having seen everything Fillion has done, and guess that his Hermes will be a wise-cracking, sarcastic smart ass with a tendency to get into trouble, and a hidden streak of bravery. Just a hunch.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.
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