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I make no excuses about the fact that Jurassic Park is my favourite movie. Aside from the most amazing dinosaurs ever put on film, it benefits from Spielberg's steady hand, a stacked deck of top shelf actors, and is infinitely rewatchable. And dinosaurs.

And what dinosaurs. Originally, they were meant to be a combination of stop-frame animation (for wide shots) and animatronics (for close-ups). Spielberg was convinced to try CGI when a programmer created a test shot of the T-rex walking. What resulted was the first film to use computer graphics over extended periods in multiple scenes. But, in the end, it was the personality in Stan Winston's animatronics that made the dinosaurs seem real. Because, unlike animation, they were. The T-rex was there to blow Grant's hat off. The raptors actually opened those doors. The triceratops... well, it's the most beautiful thing we'd ever seen.

All of that was down to Winston's designs on the robotics. And his studio has just released a series of test videos on their YouTube page, showing how across all three films, Winston and his team were the true miracle workers of Jurassic Park.

Find the rest of the videos after the jump.

Via The Stan Winston School's YouTube Channel, where you can find other videos of the amazing creations Winston had a hand in creating.
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