Prometheus Has Landed... Again, But Better

The international (read: European) trailer has arrived for Prometheus. It is slightly better then the one I posted earlier. Being European, it is slightly more cerebral than the American trailer, which went more for the tense action side of the things. Enjoy it.

Really, I wouldn't have posted this at all, but I don't want to post about Michael Bay, speaking to Nickelodeon upfront meeting about his vision for a new live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, in which he said, and this is true, that the turtles will be aliens. And you know why? Because Michael Bay doesn't read. Four words wwere too much for him, so he read the last one, and even thought, "screw that, turtles are boring", so yeah. Alien 'turtles', which aren't mutants, and probably won't be teenaged ninjas either. Screw you Michael Bay. You, and all your crap ideas about ruining things that were popular in the eighties.
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