Prometheus Has Landed

The movie I'm most looking forward to this summer isn't The Avengers. It isn't The Dark Knight Rises.

It's Ridley Scott's totally not a Alien prequel Prometheus. And that wasn't true a couple months ago. All the shadow talk from Scott, and the casting bits as the impressively diverse group of up and coming stars grew larger and larger didn't interest me at all. Then the first trailer hit, and I was struck. It was captivating. I couldn't help but watch it over and over again. It inspired me. It looked hard and cold, and stylish and smart. It looked good.

And this one looks even better.

There was actually a teaser for this trailer that appeared earlier this week, which contains two uncut shots not included here. The first was the so called 'Space Jockey' opening, whatever that implies. The second was of Noomi Rapace struggling against something trying very desperately to get at her face. Something pale. Something skittery. Something that wants to hug, if I'm not mistaken. Now listen to that desperate scream 1:55 into this trailer.

I respect Scott for building a huge mythology based in a single universe; fictioneers have been doing it for centuries. It is the foundations of mythology, to develop new facets of a world. It is quite obvious that the ship they discover here is the same ship that Ripley and co. discover on LV-426, the one filled with eggs, that eventually give rise to the xenomorphs that terrorize every other film in the franchise. I get that Scott wants people to see the film on it's own merits, not as part of the Alien series, especially considering how crap that series has gotten. But don't deny the connection. Embrace it. Predators was able to overcome the same problem by being good (relatively speaking).

And I expect Prometheus to be great.
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