Updated - Snow White Looks Grimm

See what I did there? Like always in Hollywood, there are two rival movies coming out this year sharing a plot. This time it is Snow White. I was interested in neither of them as they were being cast and filming, and upon release of the trailer for Mirror, Mirror, my interest remained at zero. It obviously is going to be successful at what it is meant to be: a Disney-like fairy tale that capitalizes on slapstick humour which young kids adore and parents suffer through. I wish it well, knowing that I will never sit through it.

Snow White and the Huntsman, on the other hand, has my attention.

Certainly the best cast of the two (even Stewart, who is talented when given a script to, you know, act from), and the better looking of the two. It also, for all the weird 'Joan of Arc' stuff that has been added, appears to capture dread and terror of the original German fairy tale. Now, if it ends with someone getting their eyes pecked out, or melting, I'll be satisfied.

It doesn't matter anyway. The definitive take on Snow White was written years ago by Neil Gaiman, in his wonderful short story Snow, Glass, Apples. Read it, and you'll never see Snow White the same way again.

UPDATE: After the jump, check out a five minute long preview of the movie.

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