So, This Is Probably Going To Suck

I honestly didn't mean that as a pun. I honestly have no idea if Barnabas Collins actually drinks blood in Dark Shadows. I honestly don't anything about Dark Shadows. But now we have the trailer for the film version, directed by Tim Burton, and it looks... well, it is obviously a Tim Burton film. I'm a fan of Burton's, don't get me wrong. When he's good (Beetlejuice, Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow) he's very good. But when he's bad (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Planet of the Apes, Batman. Yes, I said it, Batman. Get over it), he's very bad. And maybe it was because I wasn't expecting the soap-opera acting-style comedy, but I have to say, I'm going to ere on the side of caution with this one. I'll still see, make no mistake. I just.. don't know.

OK, so I looked up Dark Shadows on wikipedia (what, I'm not going to devout serious time to this) and it turns out it was a campy Gothic soap opera. So, maybe Burton and Co. got it bang on. All I know is that no one can get Michelle Pfeiffer to overact like Tim Burton.
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