Someones Been Reading My Christmas List; New Doctor Who Trailer

Most of the clips from the above trailer are clearly from episode three, the spaghetti western, which is one of only two episodes we know anything about (the other, the fifth, features the Weeping Angels, and they're no where to be seen). Though, some quick shots of some other exciting looking stuff can be glimpsed. Is that Cleopatra running about? And Father Weasley, fresh off his turn on Being Human (the British one, not that American rubbish). And a snowed in Dalek? Or an eye stock, at least.

Could it be, with an old west episode, and possibly an ancient Egyptian one, that this series of Doctor Who could be taking the show even further back to it's routes, with a focus on historical set pieces rather than alien ones, as the show was originally intended, way way back in the day? If so, I don't think I'd have that much a problem with it.

Speaking of things I have a problem with,

Photo courtesy BBC America

Everyone remember Matt Smith's first publicity shot with the TARDIS. He looked like Christopher Eccleston's emo son, all hair and jacket, and not a bow tie to be found. In short, it was a picture of the actor with the TARDIS, not a shot of the character, and forgive me, but that's what I actually care about. I want to know what she'll be doing on the show, not if she can stand upright beside the prop. Though, it is a very nice jumper. I reserve all judgement until I actually see her perform, and she'll likely do a very fine job, and be a great addition to the cast (or at least, be no worse than Mel or Peri), but I'm still allowed to be disappointed.

Can I say, also, what the hell, BBC? This is one of your premier shows. This is a British institution. This is The Doctor. So why have both of these updates come from BBC America? When, exactly, did they become the guardians and purveyors of your prize? I get that you like the popularity the series has gathered in the states since the show returned, but that doesn't mean you give them the keys to the car. Next thing they'll be off doing doughnuts in the mall parking lot, meanwhile you have to pay for replacement tires, and I think this metaphor has gotten away from me. Shape up BBC One, this is your baby. Take care of it. The Americans will only let it get fat.
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