Stetsons Are Now, and Always Will Be, Cool - Now With More Horse!

Photo via The Daily Mail

As I mentioned earlier, the third episode of the upcoming series of Doctor Who will be a western, something which I am very much looking forward to. To please me personally (because they owe me - they know what they did), The Daily Mail has gotten hold of some sets pictures of the filming, which gives away nothing other than Amy Pond hasn't left the TARDIS at this point, as we know she will this series, Matt Smith will be riding a horse, which he did back in his first year on the show, in The Pandorica Opens, and he once again wears a very nice hat. But, he does it now, at the same time!

Via the Daily Mail, where they have several other photos, including my favourite: Matt Smith dressed as The Doctor, wearing steam punk sunglasses, on a horse, using a smart phone. Anachronisms!
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