Themed Shoes - Come To Save The Princess, Stay For Your Chest Exploding

I don't understand the obsession with shoes, by men or women, I'm not sexist. Shoes are shoes. I own two pair. And a pair of boots, but that's different. They are boots: they serve a purpose. And don't give me none of this sandals crap, sandals are just shoes that didn't apply themselves in school. Why would I want to wear half a shoe, and expose my feet to all sorts of air and sand and tetanus? That sounds insane. You're insane.

For those that think shoes are something they should have lots of, today we have geek offerings. First up, classic Nintendo hand painted heels. Those pictured above would be great for a day out with the gals, while the underground/castle inspired ones are definitely best left for a serious night out. I have no opinion on the Zelda designs. Link can go stuff himself in a pot for all I care. See all the designs, and purchase them here.

Those are at least practical. The second choice offered in today`s showcase are more for that chic fashionista that is whiling to suffer for her style. And trust me, suffer she will in these H.R. Giger inspired Aliens high heels.

Just... my toes hurt just looking at that. The only way they could possibly be less comfortable/more dangerous would be if they had a tiny little ball bearing in the heel. I hope this is just one of those crazy internet things, and that no one ever, ever actually tries to wear these. Because it will all end in tears.

Via Geekologie and The Great White Snark.
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