Warp Drive Will Kill Everyone But You, Leave You Sad

I love science. It's both simple, and mind numbingly complex. It's beautiful, yet sensible. Science is like the best kind of parent - a friend when you need one, a fountain of information when you're ignorant, and a forceful hand of authority when you overstep your bounds. And, like a parent, for all the amazing things it does for you, every so often it exists solely to ruin your fun.

Researchers at the University of Sydney studying the Alcubierre warp drive, a real life theoretical concept similar to the warp drive in Star Trek, have determined that any craft accelerating past the speed of light using the Alcubierre method would gather up cosmic particles like Cheeto crumbs on a wet daschund. These particles would become charged, and when the ship stops, would go flying off in all directions, giving any nearby ships, planets, amorphous gaseous creatures or space whales a full Gamma Ray bath. This would result in either a horrible, agonizing space death, or a massive increase in the number of persons you wouldn't like when they're angry.

So where does this leave us. Considering that NASA's budget has just been reduced to the point where they'll be lucky if they can afford to build bottle rockets, that private companies have yet to put anything into space in any sort of meaningful way, and everyone is still really uncomfortable spending any amount of time with the Russians, I'd say we're a ways off from worrying about this stuff for now. Unless of course someone is coming to visit us, in which case there isn't anything we can do until we all turn green, or explode.

Via PhysOrg
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