Well, This Is Going To Suck

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Marvel has announced the tracks to be included on the Avengers soundtrack. Just... here it is.

1. "Live to Rise" - Soundgarden
2. "I'm Alive" - Shinedown
3. "Dirt and Roses" - Rise Against
4. "Even If I Could" - Papa Roach
5. "Unbroken" - Black Veil Brides
6. "Breath" - Scott Weiland
7. "Comeback" - Redlight King
8. "Into the Blue" - Bush
9. "A New Way to Bleed (Photek Remix)" - Evanescence
10. "Count Me Out" - PUSHERJONES
11. "Shoot to Thrill" - Theory of a Deadman
12. "Wherever I Go" - Buckcherry
13. "From Out of Nowhere" - Five Finger Death Punch
14. "Shake the Ground" - Cherri Bomb
Additional track on the international release:
15. "Pistols At Dawn" - Kasabian
Full disclosure, I only recognize about half these names. Partly because when it comes to music produced after 1988, my knowledge drops off pretty quickly. The half I do recognize, I remember as being terrible. I see a AC/DC cover in there, and maybe someone can educate me further, but this just seems like an unlistenable lineup of music.

Joss Whedon loves his music. especially indie music. It was a huge part of Buffy, having a new band on every week. It played well there, because it fit within the context it was used. My hope is that none, or very little, of this music is actually used in the film, and that the score by Alan Silvestri, which Whedon has already said blew him away, is the primary source of music in the film. I don't want to see Cap dealing with the wasted centuries he's missed by having a good cry, listening to Evanescence. Unless he is soundly mocked for doing so. By Iron Man. Or Hawkeye. You think they'll have a snark off?

One last thing. Movie soundtracks, are they really still a thing? I haven't bought one since cassette tapes were still the preferred format.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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