When I Was Young, The Internet Was Called Books

So, after 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica will stop publishing a print edition, concentrating on its online and other digital resources. It's a sad, sad day for print resources. Yes, they are cumbersome, and go out of date as soon as they are printed, but a digital resource can't sit, unused on a shelf for years, gathering dust and yellow pages, and the smell of must and knowledge, only to be opened by some inquisitive lad, who makes the mistake of breathing in and inflaming his asthma.

You kids today have it too easy. What with your keyword searches, and digital references, and "Who the hell is James Madison?" I'd shake my stick at you disapprovingly, but my back is acting up again. I think I'll go lay down.

Via CNN.
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Adopting the descriptor of "successfully unpublished author", MR. Clark began writing things on the internet in 2012, which he believed to be an entirely reputable and civilized place to find and deliver information. He regrets much.


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