Winter Needs To Get Here Already

With slightly less than a month to go, HBO has released yet another trailer for the upcoming second season of Game of Thrones. While the last trailer has shown us the most new footage, and I personally prefer the "Shadow" trailer, this one is a good mash of the two, while still providing new glimpses for us who are shifting uneasily in our seats, craving the new season like a meth-headed tweeker whose dealer's on vacation. I'm not crazy about the background music, but it hits all mark in terms of summerizing the major characters into one or two lines. "It's better than three defeats", and "you'll know the debt has been paid" chief among them. And of course, the philosophy of the series, both TV and books, which we've heard before, "anyone can be killed." The additional footage of what is clearly the Battle of Blackwater is much appreciated.

If you don't understand that last sentence, get off the internet, find your nearest library, and stop being such a disappointment to your mother.
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