Abed on Cougar Town, Author Misses The Bandwagon

About a year ago, Community did a fantastic homage to the Wallace Shawn film My Dinner With Andre. It is one of the best episodes the show has done, and that's not a short list. In it, Abed describes his winning a walk-on role on the ABC show Cougar Town. How he created a complex back story for the character he was playing, and was so overwhelmed, that he pooped himself.

I don't watch Cougar Town. Bill Lawrence is a very funny man, and I have enjoyed Spin City, Scrubs, and Clone High in the past. But no force on this, or any other earth, will force me to watch Courtney Cox for any amount of time. And because of this, I did not see this scene that actually appeared in the season finale of Cougar Town last May. But now, thanks to my ability to endlessly wikiwalk my way through the suggested links at the ends of YouTube videos, I fully understand how great Community truly is. Like Old Spice, it cannot be contained within itself, it is spilling not only into other shows, but into other shows on other networks.

It truly is streets ahead, yo.
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