Agent Coulson Geeks Out

I want to take a moment to discuss how I think this might be the best clip released from the Avengers thus far. How I feel, not having seen the film, that this clip might be the best exemplar of what we can expect. And how appropriate it is that the moment comes from Agent Couslon.

First of all, Whedon's fingerprints are all over this one. That dialogue smacks of Whedon. The awkward Feudian slips, the embarrassing attempts to recover, the sudden turn towards absolutely serious and on task. This is Whedon's wheelhouse, and Coulson, who has appeared in four films written by four different writers, each with it's own tone and rhythms, takes to it naturally. Which is a credit to the actor, but also the character, in that he is able to move between genres and serve whatever purpose he needs to. He is the ultimate audience surrogate, behaving the same way you would if you met Cap, and indeed how most behave when they meet the actors who play these roles. Assuming he survives Whedon's terrible wrath, would be welcome to appear in every MCU film from now to ever.

Secondly, note the shift in tone. It goes from loose to serious in a line of dialogue. This too is a Whedon trope, recently seen in Cabin in the Woods, which shifted moods within a single word at times. I think this is a good sign. To balance the insanity and humour of the group dynamic with the ever present threats that have brought them together is critical, and I think Joss has done.

The movie is trending high on Rotten Tomatoes, with only a single bad review as of this writing, which has received some truly terrible responses from the internet. I'm quiet looking forward to it, the third most anticipated movie of the summer for myself (Cabin, Prometheus, Avengers, Brave, Dark Knight). I'm biased all to hell because of my deep admiration, bordering on uncomfortable man-love, for Joss Whedon, but I'm a proud Browncoat, and don't care who knows.

Via Topless Robot, and Pajiba.
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