Annnd... Disney/Marvel Crosses The Line

I take it back. I take it all back. It's not a good thing to have clips for the Avengers released minute by minute in the weeks leading up to the release, because what they are releasing is fantastic, and I want to see this stuff in context. Release the quiet moments, of characters having internal conflict, of introspection. I loved that first Coulson/Widow scene. It had interaction, a little action, but wasn't a big thing, and didn't give away the farm. These are the goods, man. You keep this stuff under wraps, and wait until the punters have shilled out for the ticket. Trust me, the Avengers doesn't need to be sold this hard. It isn't... man, I had something for this. Something... crap. Dammit.

I haven't watched these clips, and won't, but that doesn't mean I should keep them to myself. Hit the jump to see Nick fury and Loki have a chat.

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