[Graphic] - Calvin and Hobbes Makes Everything Better, And Everything Makes Calvin and Hobbes Better too

No Infringement Intended. Please Don't Sue.
I've posted about Calvin and Hobbes before. It was immensely important to me back when it was running new in the papers, and remains one of the pieces of fiction that had the greatest effect on me and the direction of my life. It was the inspiration for my wanting to become a cartoonist back in the day. That was, of course, before I discovered I had zero ability to draw. I mean none. The only thing I ever drew well enough to keep was, in fact, a picture of Calvin and Hobbes. So, whenever the internet uses it's powers for good instead of evil, I pause and reflect.

ComicsAlliance has put together a great collection of mashups, my favourites of which I've posted after the jump. One in particular inspired me to make a Calvin and Hobbes mashup of my own, which I have posted above. And yes, before you say anything, I know Wash used a Stegosaurus. But I had to work with what I had.

I suggest you hit the jump to see what others have done, and check out ComicsAlliance for the rest.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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