Colin Farrell Breaks Bad... No, Wait...

So, the first trailer for the Total Recall remake has appeared, and I've got to say... it certainly appears to be a movie featuring actors filmed on digital equipment, editted together and released theatrically later in the year. Is it remarkable in any other way? No, of course not. It looks like Minority Report with a layer of grime over it. It looks like half a dozen sci-fi future dystopias that have come out as of late. The gun fight in the trailer looks like a sequence from a Halo game. One thing it doesn't look like is Total Recall. Whether that's a bad thing or not is up to you.

Kate Beckinsale looks like she'll be getting more screen time then Sharon Stone did in the original, though they could have just put all of her footage into the trailer, knowing that people like staring at her, for some reason or another. Or could have to do with her being married to the director, that always helps. More of her means less of Jessica Beil, and I can't say that's a bad thing. What I am disappointed in, is the lack of footage of the only reason I'll be seeing this movie at all, Bryan Cranston in Ronnie Cox's role as Cohaggen.
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