Eventually, I Will Stop Posting Avengers Stuff. Today Is Not That Day

Anyone else get the impression we'll have a new piece of Avengers footage everyday from now until the release? Is anyone else as OK with that as I am.

I have to say, I really like these short 'character moments' they've been releasing. First Coulson/Widow, then the Fury/Hill clip from Letterman the other night, now Loki/Stark and some Thor. Even money says the next one will be Banner/Hulk.

The video up top is the full version of the head count scene that was included last week in a TV spot, and is much more subdued in the actual film. Tony also name checks the Avengers twice, and, despite the fact Loki is carrying a literal big stick, Tony looks like he could take him.

Am I wrong in thinking these scenes with Loki will be the film's best? I don't think I am.

To see the Thor focused TV spot, hit the jump.

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