First Five Minutes Of Lockout

I am more than willing to watch any movie where a guy gets pummelled with a toilet seat, but let's be honest folks, if Lockout, a movie I didn't known existed until a couple of days ago, had been made twenty, twenty five years ago, it would have starred Jean Claude Van Damme. It's loud, excessive, and clearly thinks more of itself then it deserves. It's a B-Movie, complete with cartoon physics, wrapped up in a A-Movie budget.

I've never been blown out of the water by Guy Pearce. He was good in The King's Speech, and I'm looking forward to any amount of time he gets in Prometheus, though that might just be about how much I'm looking forward to Prometheus in general. Pearce is middle of the pack, not terrible, but not fantastic. He is pretty funny in the opening moments of this clip though, but is immediately superseded by Peter Stormare, who is always the best thing of whatever he's involved with (I'm looking long and hard at you, Constantine).

I guess, in short, I've got nothing. Huh.
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