Google Glasses Will Augment Your World, Walk You Into On Coming Traffic

This is a demo video of Google's proposed heads up display, basically Geordie's Star Trek visor, only in no way useful. Really, watch the video. First off, they won't function like that. They just won't. You'll be standing in the middle of street, screaming at your glasses because they won't tell you where Mark is.

Second, the human eye can only focus on one thing at a time. Even the video shows this. Things in the background go fuzzy when concentrating on the foreground. You want to see what walking, or driving, would be like while wearing these things. Next time you're driving, focus on the top of the steering wheel, but keep watching the road. Please, do this while parked, otherwise you will smack into the back of that Mazda in front of you, and neither the police nor he will not accept "I was seeing what Google glasses would be like" as an excuse.

So, Google glasses will ruin your social graces, lead you into physical harm, and make you near sighted. Plus, if this is controlled through a combination of voice command and pupil/eye lid movement, the heads up display will constantly be blinking on an off as you scan the streets, and having conversations, half of which will be texted to your boss, your nephew, and mistress. Whom your wife will find out about because the glasses will forward her directions to your off the highway rendezvous.

In short, Google glasses, or Gooses as I will now call them forever, will ruin your life. You'll be left a sullen, bitter shell of your former self, alone, and unable to read street signs until it is too late, and still unable to know exactly where Mark is, in relation to you.

Via Geekologie.
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