It Is A Stupid Idea To Destroy Mercury, And Build Rings Around The Sun. Just Stupid

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OK, a Dyson sphere is a theoretical construct, wherein you enclose a star with a ring of satellites or stations, to collect the maximum amount of energy output from the star. An extension of the idea purposes an enclosed ball or solid ring which would encapsulate the inner planets of a solar system, or even replace the planets, allowing people to live on the inner shell. The centrifugal force of the movement of the sphere could keep people living on the interior pinned down by generating artificial gravity, and the interior surface would be equal to that of a planet. Anyone who has read the Ringworld series will be familiar to the concept.

Futurist George Dvorsky has written an article, advocating the destruction of the planet Mercury, and using the raw materials to construct a series of these sorts of rings around the sun. This is, of course, bug nut insane. A lot more insane then people who think about Dyson spheres usually come off as. Even Bad Astronomer Phil Plait agrees that this guy's rotational axis is showing some serious degradation, resulting in a orbital wobble.

It seems to me that it would be easier to ignite Jupiter, thus creating a second star, and allowing the gas giant moons of the outer solar system to warm and be colonized, like our obelisk overlords intended.

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