Maria Hill Speaks, And Iron Man 3 Gets A Baddie

Cobie Smulders appeared on Letterman last night and brought with her a clip of the Avengers. A clip where her character Maria Hill, the only character not to get a big piece of the Disney PR pie, appears. A clip where her character, Maria Hill, speaks. Speaks to Nick Fury, and kind of chews him out concerning a Macguffin of some kind.

I'm not going to lie, Samuel L. Jackson owns this scene, and the presumption has to be that they share most of her screen time. But it's Joss Whedon, and he does semi-insubordinate banter better then damned near anyone, and likes him some strong female characters, so I'm not too worried about Smulders getting the damp, sticky end of the Avengers stick. Though Black Widow is definitely going to be the Buffy/River. She just is.

In only vaguely related news, Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley has been cast as the primary villain in Iron Man 3, a role that is NOT the Mandarin, despite him being a pretty damned good choice for a Mandarin if the Mandarin were a vaguely Middle Eastern leader of a far reaching terrorist organization instead of a vaguely racist Asian character using magic alien rings he stole off a corpse, and the Mandarin is the only major Iron Man villain who hasn't appeared in one of the films yet and yeah, I'm guessing he'll be playing the Mandarin in all but name only. And I'm OK with that.

By the way, I am aware of the Marvel has announced they are making an animated movie with Disney, because of course they are. They'd be stupid not to. But until we have anything other than the guy who directed the last Winnie the Pooh movie is making it, you know, like a title, or character, or anything, I'm not reporting on it. Except for this. Right here. Now.

Via Topless Robot and /Film.
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