New Superman Logo Revealed, Misunderstands The Word 'Iconic'

Gods dammit, seven hells, frak, frell, gorram, shazbot.

Warner Bros, would you please leave the Superman emblem alone. Just, don't touch it. There is nothing wrong with it. It looks good. It is simple, effective, and most importantly, instantly recognizable to the general population as Superman's horsing symbol. Every schmuck on the street knows what Superman's symbol looks like. Don't touch the bloody thing.

This is all Christopher Nolan's fault. He made the Batsymbol edgy (literally, it has pointy edges), so now they have to do it with Superman too. I wonder if that's why the Wonder Woman movie fell through, they couldn't think of a way to make the 'W' appear like it's sat in an old barn for a couple decades.
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